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About me

Hello to everyone! I'm Aster Reynard, a professional designer and decorator.

I'm working with events design, floristic and wedding decoration since 2000. My studio is located in New York, close to the Fulton street station. It was founded by my mother in 1996 and today her project has transformed into a pretty successful business.

Everything we have achieved is thanks to the creativity and professionalism of our florists, decorators, and designers.

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We have been successfully working with our clients since 1996.
We guarantee only high quality. 
We are working only with fresh flowers and high-quality materials.
Our partners

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Decor studio "Sky"

We don't just create decorations, we make your dreams come true by creating a perfect matching of all the elements so that everything is organized in the same style, color, and stays true to one concept.

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Wedding decoration design studio "Emerald"

We create memorable events and see them through to completion. One-of-a-kind, unique occasions is our motto and we are all about the details and perfection.